Vincent Vidal

( ARTS / Berlin / FR )


It’s the way he screams, his breath, his life force… True to his emotions, Vincent Vidal’s music is imperfect and constantly changing. — with abundant curves that accentuate the incredible deformities that define it. Thus the artist brings forth the full strangeness of this art in its most powerful form. And when finally we reach that imperceptible place where sensation emerges from sound, his turntables become the sensors of the swirling emotions that enslave us. Close your eyes, let your mind wander, he will help us add our screams to his, and together we can move into a place where judgement no longer exists.  


Remixed EP 021 2016 – ARTS [ 2016 ]

Ritual EP 012 2015 – ARTS  [ 2015 ]


  • French artist based in Berlin.
  • Resident at [BP] ( Berlinons Paris ) since 2011.
  • Released on labels such as ARTS, Truesoul and Quartz.
  • Form R2V2 with Remi Recoque. Producers of electronic and experimental music events outside the club space in Berlin since 2014.
  • Played in clubs / events such as: Concrete, About Blank, Rex, Weather festival, Champ Libre.

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