The Plant Worker

(Limited /Affin / FR)


Listening to the sound of The Plant Worker, the feeling of industrial hum is immediate. We imagine a kind of personal sphere which we can’t leave, imprisoned by the music and by the turning of mechanical gears. He avoids being placed in some easy box but masters them all brilliantly, letting him get into yours. Such a power master that he can tame your emotions with audacity, futurism and a kind of structured relaxation. Nothing is left to chance; this is a free thinker who follows his instincts towards uncharted horizons. He moves easily between modern sounds the origins of material. We discern the primal juxtaposition of pure natural substances with that of metal worked (more controlled and elaborated). Ultimately, the fusion of he produces from these two is nothing short of apocalyptic.


Att. Split Series VOl.1 EP – Att Series [ 2015 ]

KTT EP– Key Vinyl [ 2015 ]

Sphere EP – Affin [ 2014 ]

Four Cuts On Hurting EP – Ressort Imprint [ 2014 ]
Beta EP – Blank Code [ 2012 ]


  • Based in France, released on labels such as: Affin, Blank Code, KEY Vinyl & Limited.

  • Played in clubs / events such as: Berghain, Tresor, Corsica Studios and many more.