Stellar Fugitives / Berlin / DE


T.I.M. has always been seeking to predict times of silence and discretion, the installation of either a torride or freezing climate, inhaling every form of rhythm and exchange. The dutchman flirts with sounds to represent parts of his deep humanity. In search of the perfect harmony and profound inner peace, he represents the avant garde of a sensational music. According to him a music can be used as a tool at itself, it all depends on the meaning he gives to it and the manner he uses it. T.I.M. as a therapist, manage to encircle your need and feelings in attempting to preserve your soul through his pure chords and shady paths.


Schmerz (Remix) – KONFLKT [ 2016 ]

Brainfunction EP (Remix) – DNA_Rec. [ 2013 ]

Introspection EP – Etichetta Nera [ 2013 ]
Brain Training EP – Etichetta Nera [ 2012 ]


  • Netherlands born, based in Berlin.

  • Resident DJ at HIGGS.
  • Played venues / events as Tresor, Radion, Soenda Festival and many more.