(Arboretum / Berlin / DE)


Art is always ahead of its time. Our world is turbulent and constantly in a rush to evolve. Mogano is the artist who can freeze this momentof change. With authenticity and accuracy he creates a sort of still life, both subtle and sumptuous. A first layer of melancholy, for which our sensitivity is boldly revealed. It is expressed by an emotional detachment and powerful will. A new horizon then opens to us; it takes time to understand; it is angular, twisted , like flames. This universe possesses us, but is manifested by our own actions: our gestures, the shape and the texture of our faces. Mogano opens the doors of perception, with colorful and active visions that are a sort of penetration into the mystical life.


Tetsumasa EP – Saidan [ 2016 ]
Sycomore EP – Arboretum [ 2015 ]


  • Italian artist based in Berlin.
  • Co-owner and Curator of Arboretum Records, an Audio/Visual, experimental oriented Label.
  • Live A/V  Perfomance with Andrea Familari///FAX and Dj-set.
  • Played in clubs / events such as: About Blank, Suicide Circus and Krake Festival, Contort (NewCodes Berlin Atonal), Flussi Media Art Festival, Freqs Of Nature, RoBOt Festival and many more.

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