Mattia Trani

(Pushmaster Discs / Bologna / IT)


Mattia Trani offers a spatio-temporal bubble: whimsical and senseless, playing with our vision and tricking our perception.The artist, messenger of the Detroit school, escorts us into a blurry world and with deep perspectives, through his vivid and solid sound.He opens one the door to a future full mutations and displaying its own definition of modernity.Beyond the visible,it’s the affect that matters and we enter into a spatial sphere that transports us far, very far. Our feet leave ground and our spirits dissipate from our souls,we enter for a moment into the sensational future dictated by this visionary master.


The Hi-Tech Mission (Album) – Pushmaster Discs [ 2016 ]
313 EP – Nighttripper Records [ 2016 ]
The Celestial Soul EP– MinimalSoul [ 2015 ]
004 EP – Wet Cellar Records [ 2015 ]


  • Artist based in Italy
  • label head of Pushmaster Discs.

  • First Italian artist who provided a mix for Underground Resistance Radio in Detroit.

  • Got remixed by Juan Atkin and DJ Stringray on 313 EP.
  • Released on Pushmaster Discs, Minimalsoul, Wet Cellar Records, Nighttripper Records and Sonorous Wave.
  • Played in clubs / events such as: Cocorico, Dude Club, Goa Club, Tresor and many more.