( Limited.g / 030 / Rome / IT )


An impression of the unfamiliar, of nothingness, an abyssal emptiness stronger than us and from which there is no escape: this is the almost crazy starting point for which Marcus’ material comes into being. A hovering malaise that is just an introduction to the coming jubilation… They function in a personal universe of juxtapositions, where they nourish each other in a red hot world of sound. Embracing the true soul of Techno, this thoughtful artist, unbent by societal pressures, uses it his music to transmit his voice and broadcast an acerbic message against the music business. Stubborn and persistent, he brazenly moves his public with a fiery pace and devastating rhythm. Then when its all moving faster, too fast, Marcus gives us a sudden respite: the most turbulent journey in the most reassuring comfort, allowing us to appreciate fully each instant.


VA – Limited.g 010 [2016]
VA – Limited.g 008 [ 2015 ]
VA – Limited.g 006 [ 2014 ]
Ferro EP – 030 [ 2014 ]


  • Italian artist based in Berlin.
  • Dj and Live Performer.
  • As a circuit bender and synth addicted he builds some of his machines by himself.
  • Released on labels such as Limited.g and 030.
  • Played in clubs / events such as: Tresor, About Blank, Suicide Circus, Kantine am Berghain and many more.