Lenny Posso aka Serif

(Thema / Chronicle / NYC/ US)


Alone, master of ourselves, captured in a sphere of lucid and passionate life created by the singular art of Lenny Posso, one becomes fully aware of the combinations of energy and sensitivity that live in us. The artist, originally from New York City, expresses himself by placing the body in a unique space-time outside of our normal existence. He articulates sounds with suppleness, building them like dance moves, but without ever limiting his expression range. Notes become like the successive movements that bring us joy and make us almost drunk: a feeling that is so intense that it sometimes leads to ecstatic exhaustion.


  • Artist born in New York and based in Berlin.
  • Founder of Thema Records & Chronicle.

  • Played in clubs / events such as Berghain, Tresor,  Rex Club, Le Sucre, Output, and many more.