Herman Gonzalez

(Krill Music / Buenos Aires / AR)


Life is a long tranquil river. Or rather a big shadowy waterfall. On our lands some rivers flow straight, others take a less clear path, the essential element is the continuity of the flow, always in one direct. Guided only by his personal vision, Herman Gonzalez looks for a grandiose finality, a landing place that is vertiginous and vast, like the ocean. His allusive journey takes the form in a music of contrasts, that grooms with each second. The effervescence of his soul offers us a bold sound, like a passionate waltz that brings us together and makes us vibrate towards shared end.


Habitat Part V – Krill Music [ 2016 ]

Encrypted Sound EP – Prima Luce [ 2015 ]
Something Went Wrong EP – Self Reflektion [ 2015 ]


  • Artist based in Argentina
  • Released on labels such as: Krill Music, Self Reflektion, Prima Luce and Circular Limited.

  • Played in clubs / events such as: Club Der Visionaere, About Blank and many more.

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