HD Substance & Leandro Gámez aka Uncut

(Sub_TL / Madrid / ES)


The meeting between these two independent thinkers had to happen. They work in symbiosis, developing and perfecting their music in secret in order to achieve a complete mastery of sound. Perfectionist and analytical, they are moving to conquer the world through the best labels and clubs. A strategic duo with the stuff of the greats, they have continued to develop their skills for nearly two decades with the tenacity and persistence that define them. The former anonymity of these two acolytes heightens the raw aspects of their music. We discover an honest and almost aerial sound, with no additives – simply UnCUT. They advocate a certain futuristic techno of which they produce and consume. They will continue their musical rise with their honest and authentic techno.


Multiplex EP – Sub_TL [ 2016 ]
Beneath EP – Sub_TL [ 2016 ]
Tonal 01 EP – Sub_TL Records [ 2015 ]
TBO 2015 – Ilegal Aliens Records [ 2015 ]
V/A EP– Att Series [ 2014 ]


  • HD Substance + Leandro Gámez teaming up as UNCUT.

  • Both Live performance and DJ.
  • Both producers are based in Madrid.
  • Released on labels such as Limited, SubTL and Fanzine Records.