Espen Lauritzen

(Krill Musik / Buenos Aires / AR)


Let the light in. Listening to Espen Laurtizen, the dark and monotonous aspects of life disappear, making way for vitality and euphoria. His transcendent music enters our bodies and the change begins. Between bliss and exaltation, one tries to find a way to hang on, find something constant.: But nothing around us can resist, objects and people are pushed out by a sonic force that lights up everything it touches. As this wave unfurls, it is as if we understand perfectly the inside of the soul, the function of all the objects surrounding us and even the meaning of our existence.


96-16#3 EP – Ploink [ 2016 ]

Chest Reworks EP – Ostcode Exile [ 2015 ]

Music From The Basement (Part 4 ) EP – Traut muzik [ 2014 ]
LDNWHT001 EP – London White [ 2013 ]


  • Raised in Argentina, born and based in Norway.
  • Founder of Krill Music.
  • Released on labels such as LDNwht, Traut Musik, Orioni, Ostcode Exile, Rationalism Records and Gynoid Audio.
  • Played in clubs / events such as: Under Club, Tresor, About Blank and many more.