Forsaken Cell / Paris / FR


His music is a refuge: eyes half closed, we imagine a myriad of mental images and landscapes from around the world. Immersed in a kind of emotional numbness, totally disconnected from reality, telling us a story, perhaps something like… Deikean as a lone adventurer — on a rough ocean in a dense fog on a dark night– a sinking ship with no life-vests, only his turntables to get him to the end of the crossing, to get us to what seems to be the Promised Land. The land of techno, where debauchery and detachment reign.


Pays sans visage Remixes – Tripalium [ 2016 ]

Some like it raw EP – Tripalium [ 2015 ]

Pulsion  EP– Forsaken Cell [ 2014 ]


  • French artist based in Paris.
  • Founder of the label Forsaken Cell
  • Both DJ and Live Performer.
  • Played in clubs / events such as: Batofar, Champ Libre, DV1 and many more.