Damon Wild

(Synewave / NYC / US)


Our beloved Damon offers us a real exploratory bridge between the acid techno of the 1980’s and that of the 2000’s. We experience with astonishment an ephemeral duality between two eras, two generations — distinct but complementary . Like a collage, assemblies and relationships are strange but so brilliant. Damon Wild imposes his deeply personal style that is distinctive from so many others and truly amazing. We feel the mastering of imbalance, brought about by an unusual degree of ease and technical mastery. This genius is one of the very few to present an almost unheard of story, an act more that has enormous benefits to the arduous field of music production.


Grinding EP – Dynamic Reflection [ 2014 ]

Downtown World EP – Kanzleramt [ 2003 ]

13 EP – Music Man Records [ 2001 ]

Avion EP – Synewave [ 1996 ]
Nuclear Sun EP – EXperimental [ 1993 ]


  • Raised in New Orleans, then moved to NYC and now based in Poland.
  • Founder of the labels Synewave, and Experimental Records, in New York City.
  • Released on labels such as Music Man Records, Kanzleramt, Geometric, Synewave, Head in the Clouds, Kicking Records, Tarot and Sonic Groove.
  • Played in clubs / events such as: Awakenings Festival / Berghain / Tresor, and many more.

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