Andrea Belluzzi

(Limited / Synewave / Dynamic Reflection / Berlin / IT)


Founder of the Limited label, Andrea crossed over the various branches of the music industry. A name, which serves as connotation for some of the greatest Italian tenors as well as a music, which invokes mystical sounds. As we take a deep breathe and forget out foes in order to be taken away. Without a doubt, the success of his work is psychic and he managed to take us far beyond the basic torments of existence, in a parallel universe that fills the space. A modernist music and slightly somber, the quintessentially perfectly orchestrated Andrea Belluzzi oscillates between aerie rhythms and frenetic cadence to capture the energy of a delighted and serine public, hypnotized by the positive vibes scattered here and there by the artist himself.


Limited 007 EP – Limited [ 2016 ]

ACR001V – Assymetrical Code [ 2015 ]

Limited 006 EP –  Limited [ 2015 ]

The Lost EP – Synewave [ 2013 ]

Following The Way EP –  Grooverplatz [ 2012 ]



  • Italian born in Bari and based in Berlin.
  • Founder of Limited.
  • Released on labels such as Synewave, Affin, Dynamic Reflection, Limited, Groover Platz and Mechno Music.
  • Played in clubs / events such as: Tresor, About Blank, Cocorico and many more.


Andrea Belluzzi, Berlin, Italy, Limited, Synewave