Label Nights

We have a division where you can book exclusive label nights with a broad selection of high quality artists who represent the labels’ sound to the fullest.



A label dedicated on documenting valid explorations of powerful electronic waveform transmissions and experiences. A path, a force, sonic understanding.


A&S LIVE | Aiken | Arnaud Le Texier | Ben Gibson | Mike Storm LIVE | Serif aka Lenny Posso | Staffan Linzatti


Ear to Ground

Launched in 2011 and based in East London, EarToGround Records has quickly become one of Techno’s most go-to labels for Djs, producers and the Techno public.

Each release has a forward thinking approach and are seen as individual projects with bespoke tracks and artwork created for each. Tracks and artists featured can be found week in week out at all major dance floors across the globe.

Soon to hit their 20th release the momentum with this label is unstoppable. Label boss Gareth Wild views EarToGround as a label for Techno as in a showcase for the genre itself. A target of 4-5 releases are planned for each year.

EarToGround is a platform for current and upcoming artists all the while with intentions to constantly inspire and create all those who listen.


Chris Stanford | Cleric | Dax J | Gareth Wild | Yan Cook | Jonas Kopp | Kaelan | Myler | Ness | Philippe Petit | Secluded | VSK


Forsaken Cell

Defined as an independent entity, drawing its inspiration from the deconstructed walls of an imaginary and utopian society where music is king and artist is servant, Forsaken Cell is a new Paris and Lyon based structure composed of a small ravers community, aimed to show an indie, radical and experimental face of the french underground scene.


Deikean | Jiman | The 矯激 Solid System |



It’s been nearly 5 years since Krill Music embarked on its maiden voyage, and in that time has managed to accumulate quite the accolade of heavy weight artists. Founded in Buenos Aires, by Espen Lauritzen, Krill Music has always aimed to represent the city’s default dark, basement-ready sound. Throughout the years Krill has evolved ranging from acid, straight forward techno, darker trippy styles to a more experimental style.


Charlton | Fundamental Interaction | Herman Gonzalez | I/Y | Jonas Kopp | Matrixxman | Mental Resonance | Opuswerk | Pulse One | Stefan Vincent | Tempre | Thomas Hessler | X501 | Zedje |



Founded in 2013 by Andrea Belluzzi, Limited Records is a strictly vinyl label gathering the finest sleuth of the actual techno scene. Every member endeavour to bring out the best of their musical universe while respecting the left over from the golden age of the rave, at the dawn of the 90’s. Between underground techno, acid and UK rave the label counts in its catalogue 16 well established artists and stood up as a major harbor for this effervescent scene.


Andrea Belluzzi | Couch Lock | Exium | Get Serious | Ken Karter | Kwartz | Leghau | Marcus | Takaaki Itoh | Transient X4 | The Plant Worker | Mike Storm LIVE | UnCUT


Pushmaster Discs

All creation is a symphony of sounds, vibrations, in which the individual parts fit attracted by the resonance with similar sounds. The sound has traditionally been considered a primary force in the universalcreation of matter, it is a concept that resonates in all religious traditions and beliefs.

Pushmaster is geometry;

Pushmaster is sound;

Pushmaster is resonant;

Pushmaster is vibration;

Pushmaster watch everything that is fundamental to our world, a world seeminglyphysical.

Pushmaster is ambient;

Pushmaster is Pulse;

Dub is Pushmaster;

Pushmaster is an open community.


Claude Young | DJ Rolando | Grienkho | Los Hermanos Detroit | Mattia Trani | Myles Serge | Orlando Voorn | Xenogear aka The Analogue Cops |



Founded in Brooklyn by Lenny Posso in 2006, Thema has since represented the pillars of the New York underground. A true reflection of the altruistic hustle that can be felt in every corner of the city, Thema aims to give music back to the people and places that nourished it into existence. After 10 strong years, the label has come to embrace a renowned international roster that perpetuates the true power and importance of dance music culture. Whether it be Techno, House, Deep House, Minimal, or Ambient/Experimental, all sounds that heal the soul and engage the mind have emerged from its inception. Now based in Berlin, Thema continues to push boundaries and expose new artists, always keeping the focus centered on pure, raw, authentic timeless music.


Claude Young | DJ Rolando | Grienkho | Los Hermanos Detroit | Myles Serge | Orlando Voorn | Xenogear aka The Analogue Cops |