Welcome to Stellar Fugitives Booking.
We are a passionate agency based in Berlin who represent and push new upcoming and acclaimed artists from all over the world.

It’s been almost three years now since the adventure began. Stellar Fugitives was a young and slightly disturbing Web Magazine, willing with great ambition to reveal its musical and artistic tastes. Lyon, London, Paris, New York City, Berlin. All the connections were established. From pain to pain, from discoveries to discoveries. We could have fallen over, but we are still here as faithful servants and night upholders of the law. At the edge of nausea we rolled up our sleeves, we got our hands dirty, and we found diamonds in the rough. We encountered those rare moments which remind us of the profound human side in people who make music with « machines ». It was evident for us to push some of the artists even further on the universal scene by letting them express the artistic force before their network, and that’s how our booking agency came to birth.

Design: Leonard Posso

Graphic Chart: Olivia Mendez

Development: Victor Deweerdt